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LEZYNE Strip Drive Rear - 150 Lumen Blk

RM 153.00

This LED from Lezyne has eleven output modes and offers up to 57 hours of runtime. The Strip Drive is suitable for both day and night and has a simple mounting system. 

Designed specifically for the Year 13 collection, the Strip Drive Rear features our new optic lens that provides up to 270 ° visibility. The LED also has a 27 hour increase in run time for a maximum of 57 hours. The molded construction is more compact, but still features five LEDs for up to 150 lumens of output. With eleven output modes, including a Daytime Flash mode, it has options for any time of the day or night. A versatile mounting system is easy to mount and the LED is micro USB rechargeable.

The diagram below shows how many lumens the lamp offers in a certain position and how long the LED can last. A lumen equals the light of a candle.


  • Max. lumens: 150
  • Weight: 53 gram
  • Max. battery life: 57 hours
  • Charging time: 2:00 hours