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It’s always been about the ride.

From day one (back in 1953), Vittoria has been creating properformance tyres.
Road tyres were our focus. Our first true love. Perhaps because of our Italian roots. They’re what our reputation is built on. And how we became renowned for putting tyres on the bikes of some of the world’s most famous riders. But speed is not our only friend. Performance, precision, perfectionism. Each played its part in making us a market leader. But it’s innovation that sets us apart. Our relentless pursuit of the next technology. The next design. The next material. The next level of performance.

It’s in our blood – a passion that keeps our tyres moving forward. With our ‘what if…’ mentality, it’s impossible not to. This curiosity has taken us off road. To a trail less travelled. And the challenge of new terrains, surfaces and conditions. By constantly pushing ourselves harder – and further – we’ve created a new generation of XC, enduro and eMTB tyres. And we won’t stop there.

We’ll explore the unexplored. Discover new possibilities – perhaps even whole new disciplines. You see, we don’t just make tyres. We make experiences for each and every rider. A worldwide community, looking forward to the ride ahead.


Cycling can take us to places we’ve never been before.

As a child, cycling is our first taste of real freedom. And that first ride can lead us to some amazing places. Physically and emotionally. A lifetime of experiences – discoveries about ourselves and the world around us.


To bring new experiences to riders.

We help them get to the top of a podium; an undiscovered trail; to work without the car. Whatever their level – or ambition – we help them get something new out of cycling. Fuelled by our cuttingedge products. But realised by each of us.


Cyclists are always looking for the next
incredible experience.
The next ride, location, discovery.
The next improvement in performance –
however marginal.
By taking tyre innovation to the next level,
Vittoria is on that journey too.
Our search for new materials, designs,
products, and even categories is relentless.
Because there’s a world of possibilities on
the horizon.
The ride ahead.
And that’s what inspires us all.