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Zero Flats

From a passion, perfection is born !

The passion of a few friends of BTT has taken us over the years, to run thousands of kilometers between tracks, mountains and highways of Spain and Europe.  We take care of our bicycles always with the best, then at the first sight of trouble,  they leave us in the lurch with an inopportune puncture.

More than 10 years trying and testing a revolutionary product which we have devised with the help of bicycle enthusiasts, has allowed us to find the perfect formula to launch in to the market - ZERO FLATS.  A reliable and convenient product to use, based on the properties of latex and other secret components.
On experiencing a puncture, this composition acts immediately when wanting to escape through the small hole, causing a resistant and permanent seal. Reliable and practical 100%


ZERO FLATS is made from nanocapsules of latex and an organic granulate. It is tyre friendly and leaves no residue.


There are 2 ways to apply ZERO FLATS anti-punctures in your wheels. One via the valve and the other, before fitting the tyre.


With ZERO FLATS in your tyres, you won’t have to dismount your bike to repair punctures. Gain on time and comfort.