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About ABUS

Since 1924, ABUS has provided the good feeling of security worldwide. Engineered in Germany, ABUS security products are the highest quality, incredibly reliable, easy to operate, and offer a long service. In order to meet the growing requirements of private and commercial users, ABUS provides a large product range of innovative solutions for home security, safety lockout, commercial security and recreational security. The ABUS group is made up with approx. 4000 employees worldwide and is headquartered in Wetter, Germany.

ABUS and Sports

Sponsorship has become so much more than just a contractual matter. Anyone looking to perform in top sports needs reliable partners, who are serious and reliable with a portfolio of innovative products. The entire team has to give their all for mutual success. Even though in the end only one can cross the finish line first, for ABUS, second place does not go to the first loser. Sport is all about team spirit, self-sacrifice and deprivation, but also passion, dedication and discipline. It's about individual success as well as that of the entire team, the partners and for the remarkable sporting world. 

Movistar Team

ABUS has been the official sponsor of Movistar Team since 2017 – the most successful UCI professional cycling team in the world over the last four years.

The sponsorship partnership between ABUS, number one in security technology, and Movistar Team, currently the best cycling team in the world, makes for a collaboration at the highest level. As official security partner and helmet sponsor, ABUS works closely with Movistar Team towards mutual success. When three-week tours are decided by seconds, every detail has to be right. ABUS helmets make the crucial difference between victory and defeat.

The crucial feeling of security

With Movistar Team, the most successful team in recent years, ABUS is associated with the world's best cyclists and a team spirit that just works. With 28 riders from nine countries providing valuable feedback, this partnership on equal terms contributes towards the development of top-level helmets.

We pull together to achieve mutual top performances and ABUS provides Movistar Team with that crucial feeling of security.