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GOOD YEAR Eagle F1 Super Sport 700c Tube Type - Tan Wall

RM 199.00

Eagle F1

Lightweight Ultra High-Performance tire for road race, time trial and triathlon competition

The Eagle F1 SuperSport is our fastest Road Ultra High-Performance tire. Optimizing low rolling resistance with reduced weight, the Eagle F1 SuperSport is the go-to race day tire for Road, Time-Trial, and Triathlon competition.
Who rides this tire.

For the rider who demands low weight and reduced Crr above all else, starting at just 180g.

Where does this tire perform best.

Designed for speed, the Eagle F1 SuperSport is your go-to when up against the clock on race day.


Construction: Tube Type/Tubeless Complete™
Wall Colour: Black or Tan


The Eagle F1 SuperSport features a thinner tread cap and smooth tread to lower weight and further reduce rolling resistance.

Optimized for competition.


Tube Type

A clincher tire that is only functional with an inner tube to maintain inflation pressure as defined by ISO 4223-1.

The historical standard bicycle tire relies on the use of an inner tube to maintain inflation pressure. The inner tube serves two purposes: maintaining inflation pressure and providing physical pressure on the tire’s bead against the rim hook and sidewall to help keep it safely in place.



A proprietary blend of synthetic and natural rubbers enhanced with Graphene and next generation amorphous spherical Silica; our all-new Dynamic:GSR compound has been developed with the single purpose of expanding the ‘Magic-Triangle’ with improved Rolling Efficiency, Traction and increased Durability.

The combination of Graphene, Amorphous Round Silica allows us to independently improve:

Rolling Efficiency | +10.1%
Traction| +8.0%
Wear | +7.2%

% vs. standard compound Graphene up to 1 PHR

breaker belt


This is a layer of additional puncture protection located under the tire’s tread cap.
Tires utilizing our R:Shield under-tread belt offer excellent puncture protection while allowing the tire to remain supple, to maximize performance and comfort.
Diagram of Goodyear 2-Ply tire