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DEDA Superzero Stem

RM 436.00

The Superzero stem is the perfect combination of stiffness, lightness and aero shape. The flat top section of the stem results in a better aero performance and guarantees at the same time higher stiffness values. Designed for the most exigent riders, Superzero is made in 2014 aluminum series using an innovative 3D forging process. The stem design features a dedicated aero top cap. Available in 3 color options: team, polish on black (pob) & white

Material: Alloy 2014

Screws: CrMo

Angle: 82°

Diameter handlebar: 31,7mm

Fork Steerer: 1 1/8” (28,6mm)

Clamp Height: 36mm

Included: Top Cap

Sizes: 90mm POB: (ASZPOBN090), 100mm POB: (ASZPOBN100), 110mm POB: (ASZPOBN110), 120mm POB: (ASZPOBN120), 130mm POB: (ASZPOBN130), 140mm POB: (ASZPOBN140), 90mm TEAM: (ASZTEAM090), 100mm TEAM: (ASZTEAM100), 110mm TEAM: (ASZTEAM110), 120mm TEAM: (ASZTEAM120), 130mm TEAM: (ASZTEAM130), 140mm TEAM: (ASZTEAM140), 90mm WHITE: (ASZWHITE090), 100mm WHITE: (ASZWHITE100), 110mm WHITE: (ASZWHITE110), 120mm WHITE: (ASZWHITE120), 130mm WHITE: (ASZWHITE130), 140mm WHITE: (ASZWHITE140)

Weight: 145g (110mm)

Finish: POB (Polish on Black), Team and White

Note: Recommended mounting with Deda Elementi handlebars only