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Shimano SM-BB71-41B Hollowtech II Pressfit - Bottom Bracket (1614 x 3.406 in)

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  • Shimano SM-BB71 Road Press Fit
  • Bottom Bracket with Inner Cap, Black, 2.756-4.646mm
  • Outboard bearings offer better weight distribution and more stability providing more efficient power transfer. The bearing shaft diameter (0.945 in) is an important factor in development, as the shaft has a positive effect on stiffness, stability, weight, and rotational efficiency.
  • Recommended for Ultegra FC-6700, FC-6700 G, FC-6750, FC-6750 G, FC-6703, FC-6703 G / 105 FC-5700, FC-5750, FC-5703 / Tiagra FC-4600, FC- 4650, FC-4650. C-4603. / Sora FC-3550, FC-3503 / FC-CX50 / FC-R603, FC-R563, FC-R460, FC-R350
  • Item number Shimano I-SMBB7141B