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REPENTE Saddle Quasar CR Carbon Rail Black

RM 980.00

Carbon rail and EVA padding: Quasar becomes ultralight

Extra carbon fibre, extra light weight. Quasar CR is the ultralight version of this successful 142 mm saddle.

What makes a difference compared to the standard model are the new rail and the padding: in the CR version the rail is entirely made of UD T700 carbon fibre. Thanks to this substantial innovation and to the EVA padding, the total weight has dropped to just 119 grams.
The new Quasar CR is among the lightest padded seats world-wide.

Carbon fibre is also present in the shell in the form of long fibres (LCF technology), which further strengthen the PA12 structure.

Ever since its debut, Quasar has been chosen by many male and female road and off-road specialists. Among them, there are several racers and professional athletes. Its CR evolution can now meet the needs of even the most demanding cyclists, at a price currently unmatched on the market for these quality standards