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REPENTE Saddle Prime 2.0 Black

RM 699.00

Repente LCF Prime 2.0 RLS Carbon Saddle - black

A combination high-tech materials to add a touch of class to your bike.

The Repente PRIME is also available in the 2.0 version. The difference is the composition of the structural base… and in the price. The hot-melt resin is reinforced with a smaller percentage amount of carbon fiber.
Lightweight, streamlined, essential, the Repente Prime 2.0 was built for speed. The long anatomical cutout, the smooth profile of the saddle and the quality of the padding help pedaling comfortably also in the advanced position.
To ensure that the saddle does not lose its rigidity and its shape over time, Repente’s R&D department has developed the LCF (Long Carbon Fibers) technology: instead of plain carbon fibre “chops”, longer carbon fibers are added to the resin which, thanks to a special injection process, are arranged to match the longitudinal flow of the material, until they form a sort of weave that increases the strength of the structure.
As demonstrated by the tests carried out, this technology minimises the risk of deformation or collapse of the shell. The ergonomic features and materials used for the rail (T700 carbon fibre) and the padding (PU) are the same as in the Tepex (TPX) version. Prime 2.0 also feature the patented RLS system for cover changing.

Details of Repente LCF Prime 2.0

  • Cover: polyurethane microfiber
  • Padding support: PA12 Carbon reinforced
  • Support structure: PA12 Long Carbon Fiber (LCF)
  • Multi-Section Carbon Rail: UD Carbon Fiber T700
  • RLS – Repente Locking System